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A Practical Guide to Choosing Your AR15 Scabbard

Searching for the right AR15 scabbard? You're in the perfect spot.

In a nutshell, the best AR15 scabbard for your needs should offer:

  • Durability: Made from tough materials like Nylon Ripstop.
  • Versatility: Should have modular attachment points and be ambidextrous.
  • Security: Features like VELCRO┬« lining and lockable zippers for safekeeping.
  • Comfort: A padded shoulder strap for easy carry.
  • Discretion: Designs that prevent the printing of your weapon.

For firearms enthusiasts who appreciate unique designs and unparalleled craftsmanship, diving into AR15 scabbards is not just about finding a protective sleeve for your rifle but investing in a piece that stands out and reflects the quality you value. Ghost 13 is devoted to delivering exactly that: limited-release, high-quality rifle bags and scabbards that elevate the way you store, protect, and carry your AR15.

Our guide seeks to simplify the complex, ensuring that by the end of your read, the path to choosing the scabbard that not only meets but exceeds your expectations becomes clear and straightforward.

Understanding AR15 Scabbards

When it comes to choosing an AR15 scabbard, it's all about understanding what makes one option stand out from another. Let's break it down into simple terms: materials, design, compatibility, and tactical advantage.

Materials: - Nylon Ripstop is a common fabric due to its resistance to tearing and ripping. This material can handle the rough and tumble of outdoor environments without falling apart. - Poly-carbonate and PU coatings add an extra layer of protection, making the scabbard water-resistant and easy to clean.

Design: - A good scabbard is designed with versatility in mind. It should offer modular attachment options to fit various carrying styles and situations. - Ambidextrous use is a plus, allowing for both left and right-handed individuals to use the scabbard comfortably. - Adjustable webbing ensures that the scabbard can be adapted to fit different body sizes and rifle lengths.

Compatibility: - An AR15 scabbard must fit the rifle snugly to avoid any movement that could cause damage. Specific design features like a hook and loop opening cater to a pistol grip or magazine-ready position. - Look for scabbards that can be folded or adjusted to accommodate short-stock rifles as well.

Tactical Advantage: - A scabbard with a padded exterior and reinforced muzzle cup offers protection not just to the rifle but also disguises its shape, providing discretion. - Quick-access features like a hot-pull tab and lockable zippers ensure your rifle is secure but readily available when needed.

Understanding these key elements will guide you in selecting a scabbard that not only protects your AR15 but also enhances your tactical readiness and convenience. Whether it's for a tactical mission or a hunting trip, the right scabbard can make all the difference.

Key Features to Look For

When it comes to choosing an AR15 scabbard, there are several key features you'll want to keep an eye out for. These features not only ensure the safety and security of your firearm but also enhance your comfort and accessibility while on the move.


  • Nylon Ripstop: This material is known for its excellent durability and resistance to tears. It's lightweight yet tough, making it an ideal choice for protecting your AR15 from the elements and wear and tear during your adventures.
  • Poly-carbonate Coating: This coating adds an extra layer of protection against water and stains, ensuring that your scabbard remains in top condition no matter the weather conditions.
  • PU Coating: A lightweight, water-resistant coating that adds an additional layer of moisture protection, keeping your firearm dry even in damp environments.


  • Modular Attachment: Look for scabbards with modular attachment systems such as MOLLE webbing. This allows you to easily attach additional pouches or gear, customizing your loadout to fit your mission requirements.
  • Ambidextrous Use: A scabbard designed for ambidextrous use ensures that you can access and deploy your firearm quickly, regardless of your dominant hand.
  • Adjustable Webbing: Adjustable straps and webbing allow you to customize the fit and positioning of the scabbard, ensuring it's comfortable and secure no matter your body type or the gear you're carrying.

Security and Accessibility

  • VELCRO┬« Lining: A fully lined VELCRO┬« interior makes it easy to secure your AR15 and any accessories firmly in place, preventing unnecessary movement or noise.
  • Hot-Pull Tab: Designed for rapid access, a hot-pull tab allows you to quickly and silently draw your firearm when every second counts.
  • Lockable Zippers: For added security, especially during travel, lockable zippers ensure that your firearm remains safe and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals.

Comfort and Portability

  • Padded Shoulder Strap: A removable and adjustable padded shoulder strap provides comfort during extended periods of carry, distributing weight evenly to reduce strain.
  • Luggage Passthrough Straps: For those who travel frequently, luggage passthrough straps make it easy to attach your scabbard to rolling luggage, simplifying transport through airports or to and from your vehicle.
  • External Handle: An external handle offers an alternative carrying option, providing flexibility and ease of movement in grab-and-go scenarios.

Discretion and Protection

  • Padded Exterior: The scabbard's exterior is padded to prevent the "printing" of your firearm's shape, allowing for discreet transport in any setting.
  • Reinforced Muzzle Cup: A reinforced area at the muzzle end of the scabbard protects the most critical part of your firearm from bumps and scrapes.
  • Internal Stiffener: An internal stiffener, along with the exterior padding, ensures that the scabbard retains its shape and provides a consistent level of protection to your AR15, even in the most challenging conditions.

By prioritizing these features in your search for an AR15 scabbard, you'll find a product that not only meets your tactical and practical needs but also stands up to the demands of your lifestyle, whether you're on a mission, at the range, or exploring the great outdoors.

Top AR15 Scabbard Picks

When it comes to choosing the right AR15 scabbard, the market has a variety of options. However, two products stand out for their build quality, versatility, and tactical efficiency. Let's delve into what makes these picks top-notch choices for securely carrying your AR15.

Tactical Assault Rifle Scabbard

The Tactical Assault Rifle Scabbard by Fox Tactical® is not just another rifle carrier. It holds a unique place in the market, partly due to its US Design Patent D708, 438. This patent not only marks its unique design but also its commitment to providing unparalleled protection and convenience.

What sets it apart? - Versatility: It's designed to accommodate various assault rifles, adjusting to different sizes and allowing for ambidextrous use. This flexibility ensures that no matter your preferred carry or rifle type, this scabbard has got you covered. - Protection and Comfort: With its closed-cell foam cushioning and a flexible semi-rigid insert, it offers superior protection for your rifle. The added removable padded shoulder strap means you can carry your gear comfortably, for longer. - Tactical Efficiency: Equipped with MOLLE attachment points and six D-Rings, it allows for extensive customization and attachment of additional gear, making it an indispensable tool for tactical operations.

VTAC Rifle Scabbard

The VTAC┬« Rifle Scabbard elevates the standard of what a rifle carrier should be. With its VELCRO┬« loop lining and compatibility with TactigamiÔäó accessories, it's built for the tactical operator who demands both flexibility and security. The use of YKK┬« Zippers throughout, including a lockable main compartment, ensures that your gear is not only well-organized but also secure from unauthorized access.

Why choose the VTAC Rifle Scabbard? - Adaptability: Can be connected to various mounts, including a headrest or seatback, making it ideal for operators on the move. Its luggage passthrough straps offer added convenience for travel. - Customization: The VELCRO® loop lining means you can arrange your accessories exactly how you need them, ensuring quick access and optimal organization. - Durability and Protection: Made from 420D Nylon Ripstop with a poly-carbonate exterior coating, it's designed to resist wear and tear while keeping your rifle secure and discreetly concealed.

Both of these AR15 scabbard options provide a blend of security, durability, and tactical efficiency, making them excellent choices for anyone looking to transport their AR15 safely and discreetly. Whether you're headed to the range or operating in challenging environments, these scabbards are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding users.

The best AR15 scabbard for you depends on your specific needs, including the missions you undertake, the size of your rifle, and your travel requirements. Keep these factors in mind as you consider these top picks, and you're sure to find the perfect match for your AR15.

Choosing the Right Scabbard for Your Needs

Choosing the right AR15 scabbard isn't just about picking the toughest or the most tactical-looking option out there. It's about finding a scabbard that aligns with your specific needs. Here's how to make sure you pick the right one for you:

Consider Your Mission Requirements

  • Tactical Operations: If your missions involve tactical operations, look for scabbards like the Tactical Assault Rifle Scabbard, with features like modular attachment points for versatility on the field.
  • Hunting or Sporting: For hunting or sporting, comfort and portability might be your top priorities. Features like a padded shoulder strap and lightweight design are something to consider.

Rifle Size Matters

  • Short vs. Long Barrels: Not all scabbards fit all rifle sizes. Some are adjustable, like the Tactical Weapon Carrier, which can accommodate rifles from 36" to 60" in length. Ensure the scabbard you choose can snugly fit your rifle to avoid movement and potential damage.

Travel Needs

  • Air Travel: If you're frequently flying, look for scabbards with lockable zippers and comply with TSA guidelines.
  • Vehicle Transport: For those who transport their rifles in vehicles, scabbards that can be easily secured and accessed, like those with quick-release straps, might be more suitable.

AR15 in scabbard - ar15 scabbard

The right AR15 scabbard for you is the one that meets your specific needs. Whether it's for tactical operations, hunting, or simply transporting your rifle safely, there's a scabbard out there that's perfect for you. Consider your mission requirements, the size of your rifle, and your travel needs to find your ideal match.

Frequently Asked Questions about AR15 Scabbards

When it comes to selecting the right AR15 scabbard, several questions often come to the forefront. Let's address some of the most frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision.

What makes a scabbard "tactical"?

A "tactical" scabbard goes beyond just carrying your AR15. It is designed with specific features that enhance its utility in various operational environments. Key characteristics include:

  • Durability: Made from materials like Nylon Ripstop or with Poly-carbonate coating to withstand harsh conditions.
  • Versatility: Offers modular attachment points and is designed for ambidextrous use, catering to all users.
  • Accessibility: Equipped with features like VELCRO┬« lining and hot-pull tabs for quick access to your firearm.
  • Protection: Padded exterior and reinforced muzzle cup safeguard your AR15 against impacts.

A tactical scabbard is built to support the user's mission, ensuring the rifle is protected, easily accessible, and ready for action at a moment's notice.

How do I ensure my AR15 fits securely in a scabbard?

Ensuring a secure fit for your AR15 within a scabbard involves considering a few critical aspects:

  1. Measure Your Rifle: Know the exact dimensions of your AR15 to match it with a scabbard that fits snugly, preventing excessive movement.
  2. Adjustability: Look for scabbards with adjustable webbing or straps that allow you to secure the rifle firmly in place.
  3. Check Compatibility: Some scabbards are designed with specific rifle models in mind. Ensure the one you choose is compatible with an AR15.

A well-fitting scabbard not only protects your rifle but also prevents it from rattling around, which could be a tactical disadvantage.

Can I customize my AR15 scabbard?

Yes, customization is a significant advantage of tactical scabbards. Many models offer:

  • Modular Attachments: Add pouches or gear specific to your needs using the MOLLE system.
  • Ambidextrous Design: Most scabbards allow for left or right-handed use, and some even offer customizable straps and placement options.
  • Adjustable Features: From the length to the carrying style, you can often modify how you use and carry the scabbard.

Customization ensures that your scabbard not only carries your AR15 securely but also fits your tactical needs and personal preferences perfectly.

In conclusion, when choosing an AR15 scabbard, remember it's not just about carrying your rifle; it's about enhancing your operational readiness. By considering what makes a scabbard "tactical," ensuring a secure fit, and taking advantage of customization options, you'll find a scabbard that serves as a valuable addition to your tactical gear.


When it comes down to selecting the perfect AR15 scabbard, put thought into what you're investing in. It's not just about a bag to carry your rifle; it's about a piece of gear that aligns with your tactical needs, ensures the longevity of your equipment, and ultimately, matches the spirit of dedication you bring to your role.

At Ghost 13, we understand that. Our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and the American spirit is evident in every AR15 scabbard we produce. Made in the USA, our scabbards are a testament to the excellence and resilience that are hallmarks of American manufacturing.

We pride ourselves on creating products that offer: - Durability, through materials like Nylon Ripstop and Poly-carbonate coatings, - Versatility, with features like modular attachment points and ambidextrous design, - Security and Accessibility, using VELCRO® linings and lockable zippers, - Comfort and Portability, through padded straps and luggage pass-throughs, and - Discretion and Protection, ensuring your rifle is safe, secure, and discreetly carried.

Choosing a Ghost 13 AR15 scabbard means investing in a product thatÔÇÖs crafted with the highest standards, designed to meet the rigorous demands of tactical use, and backed by a team that understands and shares your passion for excellence.

When you choose Ghost 13, you're not just choosing a scabbard. You're choosing a piece of gear that will serve you faithfully, a product that embodies the hard work, dedication, and spirit of American craftsmanship. You're choosing quality that stands the test of time and conditions, ensuring your AR15 is always ready and protected, just as you are.

For those ready to make a choice that aligns with their values and needs, we invite you to explore our collection and join the Ghost 13 family. Experience the difference American-made quality makes. Discover our AR15 scabbards and more at Ghost 13.

In conclusion, when selecting your AR15 scabbard, going for the highest quality, versatility, and a product that resonates with the American spirit of excellence is crucial. Ghost 13 stands ready to deliver just that. Choose wisely, choose Ghost 13.

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