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Buy Leather Rifle Scabbard: Your Ultimate Guide

If you're in the market for a Leather Rifle Scabbard, you've come to the right place. Whether you’re a firearm enthusiast seeking exceptional craftsmanship or you need a durable, stylish way to carry your rifle, understanding the essentials about leather quality, durability, and functionality is key. Here's what you need to know:

  • Leather Quality: Look for high-quality, oil-tanned cowhide for the best protection and a smooth draw.
  • Durability: Choose scabbards made with meticulous care to ensure they withstand the elements and time.
  • Functionality: Ensure the scabbard fits your specific rifle model, especially if it has unique features like scopes or larger loops.

For those seeking something that stands out with a blend of tradition and innovation, Ghost 13's new SLANGS line could be the answer. Merging the protective features of a rifle bag with the convenience of a sling, SLANGS are designed with the modern firearm enthusiast in mind. They provide a unique solution that combines the best of both worlds: ease of carry and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Infographic detailing the features of leather rifle scabbards including oil-tanned cowhide, durability aspects, and functional design specific for lever action rifles and scoped firearms. Highlights the new SLANGS line by Ghost 13 as a unique, innovative carrying solution that merges the conventional rifle bag, sling, and case into one, highlighting its made-in-the-USA quality and distinctive design - leather rifle scabbard infographic pillar-3-steps

In this guide, we'll dive deeper into those aspects, showcasing why choosing the right leather rifle scabbard matters and how Ghost 13's SLANGS stand out in a world where uniqueness and high-quality craftsmanship are highly valued. Explore our unique SLANGS line for the ultimate combination of protection and style, ensuring your rifle is always ready and secure, no matter your adventure.

Choosing the Right Leather Rifle Scabbard

When you're on the hunt for the perfect leather rifle scabbard, a few key factors come into play: Materials, Craftsmanship, Fit, and Protection. Let's dive into what makes a scabbard not just good, but great, and how Ghost 13's SLANGS line meets these criteria.


The material of your scabbard is the frontline defense for your rifle. While there are various options out there, cowhide leather stands out for its durability and classic appeal. It's tough against the elements and ages beautifully. However, for those seeking something more unique or with a bit of flair, Ghost 13's SLANGS line also explores alternative materials that maintain durability while adding a distinctive look.


A well-made scabbard showcases meticulous craftsmanship. Every stitch, cut, and fold should serve a purpose, contributing to both the scabbard's functionality and aesthetic. Ghost 13 prides itself on the craftsmanship of its SLANGS line, where each piece is made with precision and care, ensuring that your scabbard is not just a carrying case but a work of art.


The fit of your scabbard to your rifle is crucial. A loose fit can lead to unnecessary movement and potential damage, while too tight a fit can make drawing your rifle awkward and slow. The SLANGS line offers customizable options to ensure a perfect fit for your specific rifle model, ensuring quick and easy access when you need it most.


The purpose of a leather rifle scabbard is to protect your firearm from the elements, accidental bumps, and scratches. A quality scabbard will have a soft, protective lining and be constructed in a way that fully encases your rifle, safeguarding it during transport on horseback, ATV, or by hand. The SLANGS line is designed with protection in mind, featuring oil-tanned cowhide linings and water-resistant finishes to keep your rifle safe in any condition.

When comparing Ghost 13's SLANGS line to traditional slings or bulky rifle cases, the advantages become clear. SLANGS offer a unique blend of style, functionality, and protection, all while supporting American craftsmanship. Whether you're traversing rugged backcountry or simply storing your rifle at home, a SLANGS leather rifle scabbard ensures your firearm is protected in style.

Ready to find the perfect match for your rifle? Explore Ghost 13's SLANGS line today and discover a world where functionality meets exceptional design. With our commitment to quality and customization, you're sure to find a leather rifle scabbard that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Top Leather Rifle Scabbards on the Market

When it comes to choosing the right leather rifle scabbard, the market offers a variety of options to suit different needs and preferences. Let's dive into some of the top choices available, focusing on their unique features and how they stand out.

Cowhide Leather Scabbards

Outfitters Supply and Colorado Saddlery are two reputable names that come to mind when we talk about cowhide leather scabbards. Known for their durability and classic appeal, cowhide leather scabbards provide excellent protection for your rifle while adding a touch of traditional style to your gear.

  • Outfitters Supply offers scabbards that are rugged and ready for the trail. Designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind, these scabbards are built to withstand the elements and protect your rifle in all conditions.

  • Colorado Saddlery, with its commitment to quality and tradition, crafts scabbards that are not just accessories but investments in your outdoor adventures. Each piece is handmade in the USA, ensuring attention to detail and a personal touch.

Alligator and Crocodile Leather Scabbards

For those seeking luxury options with an exotic appeal, alligator and crocodile leather scabbards are the way to go. These scabbards offer a unique and eye-catching look that sets them apart from more traditional materials. While not as commonly found as cowhide, they cater to a niche market looking for that extra touch of elegance and exclusivity.

Vegetable Tanned Leather Scabbards

Eco-friendly and durable, vegetable-tanned leather scabbards are a great choice for the environmentally conscious shooter. This type of leather is treated using natural tannins found in certain plant species, resulting in a product that is both sturdy and sustainable.

  • Eco-friendly: Vegetable tanning is a more environmentally friendly process than traditional chemical tanning, making these scabbards a great choice for those looking to reduce their ecological footprint.

  • Durable: Despite being eco-friendly, vegetable-tanned leather does not compromise on durability. These scabbards are built to last, aging beautifully over time and developing a unique patina that adds character.

Whether you're looking for the rugged durability of cowhide, the exotic appeal of alligator or crocodile leather, or the eco-friendly qualities of vegetable-tanned leather, the market has something to offer for every preference.

Discover the perfect leather rifle scabbard for your needs. With options ranging from traditional cowhide to luxurious alligator and eco-friendly vegetable-tanned leather, there’s a scabbard out there for every shooter. Don't forget to explore Ghost 13's SLANGS line for unique designs and multi-functionality, all proudly made in the USA. Find your match and elevate your gear today.

Special Features to Consider

When selecting a leather rifle scabbard, it's not just about the material—it's also about the functionality and compatibility with your equipment and lifestyle. Let's delve into the special features that can make a scabbard stand out, especially for those who demand more from their hunting and outdoor gear.

Scoped Rifle Compatibility

For hunters and shooters who use long-range rifles with large scopes, finding the right scabbard is crucial. These rifles, often equipped with advanced optics, turrets, and elevation knobs, require more than just a basic scabbard. Our SLANGS line is designed with these needs in mind, offering scabbards that accommodate the extra bulk and protect the delicate scopes. This ensures that your investment remains secure and ready for action, no matter the terrain.

Horse and ATV Compatibility

Adventure doesn't just happen on foot. Many hunters and outdoor enthusiasts explore the backcountry on horseback or ATV, and this means your scabbard needs to be versatile. Our scabbards are designed to be saddle secure for those on horseback, ensuring that your rifle stays in place even on rough trails. For ATV riders, we offer scabbards with ATV mounts, making it easy to bring your rifle along for the ride. This dual compatibility ensures that no matter how you travel, your firearm is always within reach.

Customization and Design

Your gear should be as unique as your adventure. That's why personalization and unique designs are at the heart of our product line. Whether you're looking for a scabbard that reflects your personal style or one that's built to your specific requirements, our team is ready to bring your vision to life. From unique designs to personalized embossing, we believe that every detail matters. Our SLANGS line offers a variety of customization options, allowing you to create a scabbard that's truly one of a kind.

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing a leather rifle scabbard, consider how it will fit into your outdoor lifestyle. Whether you need a scabbard that's compatible with your long-range rifle and its large scope, one that can securely attach to your horse saddle or ATV, or a design that's uniquely yours, we've got you covered. Explore our SLANGS line to discover scabbards that offer the perfect blend of functionality, durability, and style. Elevate your outdoor experience with gear that's as ready for adventure as you are.

Frequently Asked Questions about Leather Rifle Scabbards

When choosing a leather rifle scabbard, it's normal to have questions about what makes one option better than another. Let's dive into some of the most common queries to help you make an informed decision.

What type of leather is best for gun holsters?

Cowhide is widely regarded as the best type of leather for gun holsters and scabbards due to its outstanding durability and strength. It's tough enough to withstand the elements and protect your firearm, yet supple enough to ensure a snug fit. Additionally, vegetable-tanned leather is a fantastic choice for those looking for an eco-friendly option. This type of leather uses natural materials in the tanning process and is known for its durability and ability to age beautifully over time.

What is a scabbard for a rifle?

A scabbard for a rifle, often referred to as a bolt action scabbard, is essentially a protective sheath designed to carry and protect rifles. It offers protection from the elements, prevents scratches, and makes transporting your rifle easier and safer. Scabbards are particularly useful for horseback riders and ATV users, offering accessibility to the firearm while on the move. Our SLANGS line includes scabbards that are tailored for both scenarios, ensuring your rifle is always within reach when you need it.

Can a scabbard be a weapon?

While a scabbard's primary function is to protect and carry a weapon, it can, in theory, be used for self-defense in a pinch. The rigid structure of some scabbards, especially those made from hardened leather or incorporating metal elements, can provide a means of viable use as a blunt-force tool. However, it's important to remember that the primary purpose of a scabbard is to safeguard your firearm, not to serve as a weapon itself.

When selecting a leather rifle scabbard, consider not just the material but also the craftsmanship, fit, and the specific needs of your outdoor adventures. Whether you're looking for a scabbard that can accommodate a long-range rifle with a large scope, one that can securely attach to your horse saddle or ATV, or a design that's uniquely yours, our SLANGS line offers scabbards that meet these needs with unmatched quality. Explore our unique SLANGS line for the ultimate in rifle protection and style, and ensure your gear is as ready for adventure as you are.

Competitors and Alternatives

When searching for the right gear to protect and carry your rifle, you'll find a few options on the market. Let's break them down:

Traditional Rifle Slings

Rifle slings are the most common method for carrying a rifle. They're simple, straightforward, and do the job. However, their functionality is pretty limited. Slings offer a way to carry your rifle over your shoulder, freeing up your hands when you're on the move. But that's about it. They don't offer protection from the elements, and they don't provide any extra storage for ammunition or accessories.

Rifle Cases and Bags

For those looking for full protection, rifle cases and bags are the way to go. They shield your firearm from weather, dust, and bumps during transport. However, this protection comes with a trade-off: bulkiness. Rifle cases can be cumbersome to carry, especially if you're navigating through dense brush or climbing. They're best suited for transporting your rifle to and from your hunting or shooting location, rather than carrying it around all day.

Ghost 13's SLANGS Line

Enter Ghost 13's SLANGS line. Our new product line stands out by offering unique designs and multi-functionality, all while being Made in the USA. Unlike traditional slings, SLANGS provide not just a means to carry your rifle but also add a layer of protection similar to a case. They're designed to be less bulky than traditional rifle cases, making them easier to carry during active pursuits.

SLANGS are crafted with the adventurous shooter in mind. Whether you're trekking through the backcountry or navigating the range, these scabbards bring something new to the table. With unique designs, each SLANGS scabbard is a statement piece that reflects the individuality of its owner. But it's not all about looks; these scabbards are built to be tough, protecting your rifle from the elements and the rough and tumble of outdoor use.

Moreover, the multi-functionality of SLANGS sets them apart from the competition. Not just a carrying solution, they offer additional storage for ammunition and accessories, ensuring you have everything you need within reach. This makes them a versatile choice for hunters and shooters who value efficiency and preparedness.

Proudly Made in the USA, SLANGS scabbards reflect Ghost 13's commitment to quality and supporting local craftsmanship. When you choose SLANGS, you're not just getting a superior product; you're also supporting American workers and industry.

In conclusion, while traditional rifle slings and cases have their place, Ghost 13's SLANGS line offers a fresh, innovative alternative for those seeking a blend of style, protection, and practicality. Explore our unique SLANGS line today and elevate your rifle carrying experience to the next level.


When it comes to safeguarding your rifle, the choices seem endless. You could go with the classic yet somewhat limited functionality of traditional rifle slings, or opt for the full protection but often bulky rifle cases and bags. However, for those who desire not just functionality but also a touch of elegance and uniqueness, Ghost 13's SLANGS line stands out as a beacon of innovation.

Our SLANGS collection is not just another addition to the market; it's a revolution in how rifles are carried and protected. Crafted with the highest quality materials and designed with the modern adventurer in mind, SLANGS provide an unmatched blend of durability, accessibility, and style. Whether you're navigating the rugged outdoors or showcasing your rifle at an event, our SLANGS line ensures your firearm is not just secure, but also a statement piece.

With the introduction of SLANGS, we at Ghost 13 are redefining the standards of rifle protection. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every stitch and every design choice, reflecting our dedication to supporting American workers and industry. We understand that your rifle is more than just a tool; it's an extension of your passion for the outdoors and a reflection of your personal style.

By choosing Ghost 13's SLANGS, you're not just getting a rifle carrier; you're investing in a piece of art that offers practical benefits and stands the test of time. It's time to move beyond the conventional and embrace the extraordinary.

Explore our unique SLANGS line for the ultimate in rifle protection and style. Discover the perfect blend of functionality and elegance, and make a statement with every adventure. Your rifle deserves the best, and with SLANGS, that's exactly what it will get.

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