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Buyer's Guide: Best Double Rifle Cases for 2024

Is your hunt for the ideal double rifle case proving to be a complex challenge? We get it. With so many things to consider, like size, durability, design, and additional compartments, it can feel overwhelming. That's why, at Ghost 13, we're dedicated to making this process easier for you while providing you with top-notch, hand-crafted rifle cases.

Here's a quick snippet of key points to consider when searching for a 'double rifle case':

  1. Gun Protection: A quality case provides necessary protection against physical damages and adverse weather elements.
  2. Safe and Legal Transportation: It facilitates secure transportation of your firearms, by meeting legal storage requirements for firearms transport.
  3. Enhanced Convenience and Cohesion: A double rifle case allows you to carry two firearms concurrently, and often has additional compartments for carrying other shooting equipment and accessories.

For those who pride themselves on owning exceptional firearms, possessing a compatible, high-quality double rifle case is pivotal. It's not just about carrying a firearm; it's about carrying it with elegance, assurance, and style.

Now, on to the exciting part!

Infographic detailing key features of a high-quality double rifle case - double rifle case infographic pillar-4-steps

In this guide, we will delve further into understanding the cardinal importance of owning a double rifle case, key features to look for in a premium rifle bag, and provide you with a comprehensive review of our top double rifle cases at Ghost 13. Let's find that perfect case to complement your unique sense of style and cater to your storage needs. Let's make your rifle case shopping an exciting and straightforward endeavor. Shall we get started?

Understanding the Importance of a Double Rifle Case

A double rifle case is more than a mere storage solution; it's a must-have accessory for any firearms enthusiast. It serves multiple functions, all of which contribute to the overall protection, safe transportation, and organization of your rifles. Let's break these down.

Protecting Your Firearms

Double rifle cases are designed primarily for the protection of your firearms. As mentioned by our expert at Ghost 13, Landen Hull, these cases offer a robust protective shell with their hard exteriors and customizable foam interiors. This design ensures your rifles stay secure, preventing unnecessary damage that could impair their functionality.

Polyethylene foam in gun cases - double rifle case

Polyethylene foam, as Landen Hull highlights, is an excellent material for gun cases. It's a closed cell foam that offers superior protection, ensuring your firearms remain in top-notch condition. This is especially crucial if you have valuable rifles that require special care.

Ensuring Safe and Legal Transportation

In many states, transporting firearms openly is against the law. A double rifle case allows you to comply with regulations and transport your firearms in a legally acceptable manner. These cases are designed to accommodate the specific size and shape of your rifles, ensuring a snug fit that keeps your guns safe and secure.

Moreover, a quality double rifle case, like those we craft at Ghost 13, allows you to blend into the environment, reducing the chances of attracting unnecessary curiosity or concern.

Enhancing Convenience and Organization

A double rifle case is not only about protection and legality. It also offers convenience and organization. With additional compartments and pockets, a quality rifle case helps keep your firearm accessories, like scopes, cleaning kits, extra magazines, and ammunition, neatly organized and easily accessible.

A double rifle case is an essential accessory for firearms enthusiasts that provides optimal protection, ensures safe and legal transportation, and enhances convenience and organization. It's a worthy investment that contributes to the longevity and functionality of your cherished firearms. At Ghost 13, we're committed to delivering the best double rifle case that meets these needs while also resonating with your unique style.

Key Features to Consider When Buying a Double Rifle Case

When shopping for the perfect double rifle case, several critical factors come into play. These features not only ensure the safety and longevity of your firearms but also contribute to a more convenient and enjoyable experience. Let's break them down.

Material and Durability

The material of the rifle case is crucial. As mentioned by our expert at Ghost 13, Landen Hull, a well-crafted double rifle case should ideally be made of high-quality materials designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Look for a case that's waterproof and hard-sided with a secure locking mechanism. This ensures your firearms and all associated components remain dry and safe from potential damage due to moisture, which can lead to issues like rust and corrosion over time.

At Ghost 13, we use hard plastic for the outer shell of our double rifle cases, which offer robust protection against external shocks and impacts. They're waterproof, dustproof, and crushproof, ensuring that your firearms stay safe and secure even in harsh conditions.

Size and Fit

The size and fit of the case are also pivotal. A good double rifle case should have enough space to comfortably accommodate your two firearms. The interior should ideally have foam inserts and dividers that can be customized to fit your rifles perfectly. These foam interiors, ideally made of polyethylene or PE foam, provide excellent shock absorption and protect your rifles from impact damage.

Additional Compartments and Storage

Additional compartments for storing accessories like magazines, hearing protection, maintenance and cleaning tools are a plus. These compartments provide greater flexibility and organization, making your firearms experience more convenient and enjoyable.

Locking Mechanisms

A reliable locking mechanism is a must-have feature of a good double rifle case. It ensures that your rifles stay secure during transport and storage, adding an extra layer of protection against theft or accidental mishandling. At Ghost 13, our double rifle cases come with secure locking mechanisms, giving you peace of mind when carrying your firearms.

Comfort and Portability

Lastly, consider the comfort and portability of the case. A double rifle case with convenient carrying options such as handles, shoulder straps, or even wheels can make a world of difference when moving your gear from one place to another. We design our cases with comfort and convenience in mind, making them easy to transport, whether you're going from your car to the shooting range or across the country.

In summary, when selecting a double rifle case, consider its material and durability, size and fit, additional storage, locking mechanisms, and comfort and portability. These considerations will guide you in choosing a case that not only keeps your firearms safe but also enhances your overall firearms experience. At Ghost 13, we're proud to offer top-quality, American-made double rifle cases that cater to the diverse needs of firearms enthusiasts.

Review of Ghost 13's Top Double Rifle Cases

Choosing the right double rifle case can be a daunting task, especially with the myriad of options available in the market. However, as a firearms enthusiast, you deserve nothing but the best. That's why at Ghost 13, we've curated a list of our top double rifle cases, each designed with the user's convenience and safety in mind.

Specialist Covert Double Rifle Case

Starting off with our Specialist Covert Double Rifle Case, this bag is designed for those seeking a balance of functionality and stealth. Made from heavy-duty industrial 900D PVC nylon, it's built to last while providing optimal protection for your firearms. It features multiple compartments for easy organization and high-quality zippers for a seamless opening and closing experience. The Specialist Covert Double Rifle Case is available in multiple colors including Obsidian Black, SW Gray, OD Green, and Dark FDE, allowing you to choose one that best suits your style.

Specialist LRP Double Rifle Case

Next on our list is the Specialist LRP Double Rifle Case. Designed with the long-range precision shooter in mind, this case offers ample storage space for your firearms and accessories. It's built with durable materials, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of travel and harsh outdoor conditions. The case also comes with adjustable straps for comfortable carrying, making it an ideal choice for the serious shooter.

The Patriot Double Rifle Case

The Patriot Double Rifle Case is a budget-friendly option that doesn't compromise on quality. Despite its affordable price, it boasts the same high-quality construction as our premium cases. It features multiple compartments for easy organization and is available in a variety of colors including Obsidian Black, SW Gray, OD Green, and Dark FDE.

Urban Carbine Double Rifle Case

The Urban Carbine Double Rifle Case is another top-notch bag in our collection. It's designed for the urban shooter, offering a sleek and compact design without compromising the safety and security of your firearms. This case comes with multiple compartments for easy storage and organization of your firearms and accessories. It's made from heavy-duty industrial 900D PVC nylon, ensuring it can withstand the test of time.

Pro Touring Double Rifle Case

Last but not least, the Pro Touring Double Rifle Case, available in Obsidian Black and Carmine Red, is an excellent choice for the stylish shooter. This case not only provides ample space for storing and protecting your firearms and accessories, but it also boasts a unique design that sets it apart from traditional rifle cases.

As Landen Hull, our topic expert at Ghost 13, often says, "A high-quality rifle bag is more than just a storage solution. It's an investment in protecting your valuable firearms." With Ghost 13, you can be confident that you're getting a bag that is not only made in the USA but is also designed with these crucial features in mind.

How to Properly Store Your Rifles in a Double Rifle Case

Having the right double rifle case is just the first step. Knowing how to store your rifles properly will ensure optimal protection and prolong the lifespan of both your firearms and the case. Here's how:

Correct Positioning and Securing of Firearms

The size of your rifle case should align with the size and number of firearms you intend to carry. At Ghost 13, we offer a variety of sizes to meet your needs. However, it's not enough to just place your rifles in the case. They need to be secured properly to prevent movement during transit.

As our expert Landen Hull explains, "A rifle bag that is too small might not provide adequate protection, while one that is too large could potentially allow your rifle to move around during transit, leading to potential damage" (Ghost 13).

Importance of Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Proper maintenance and cleaning of your rifles before storing them in the case is essential to prolong their life and maintain the bag's interior. As Outdoor Life explains, "a good gun case can keep moisture out, but it can also trap moisture in if you store a wet gun."

Ensure your firearm is dry before storing it in your Ghost 13 double rifle case to prevent any moisture from being trapped, which could lead to rusting and damage to both your firearm and the case.

Storing Ammunition Separately

While there's no legal requirement to store ammunition and firearms separately, it's still a good practice for safety reasons. Separate storage prevents accidental discharge during transportation and handling.

A quality double rifle case from Ghost 13 is an investment in the safety and longevity of your firearms. Proper storage practices ensure that this investment yields the best returns.

Customizing Your Ghost 13 Double Rifle Case

Once you've chosen the perfect double rifle case, the next step is to make it truly yours. Ghost 13 believes in individuality, and that's why we offer a range of customization options for your double rifle case. Here's how to add a unique touch to your Ghost 13 rifle case:

Choosing the Right Color and Design

A key step in customizing your double rifle case is selecting the right color and design. At Ghost 13, we offer a wide range of colors and unique designs that reflect your style and personality. As Landen Hull, our expert, puts it, "Each of our designs is a result of hours of research, design, and manufacturing efforts to ensure they meet and exceed our customers' expectations."

Whether you prefer the rugged spirit of the Uncle Sam Rifle Bag or the historical symbol of freedom represented by the George’s Delaware Rifle Bag, Ghost 13 has something for every firearms enthusiast.

Adding Patches and Personal Touches

Personalizing your double rifle case is not just about color and design. You can also add patches or embroideries for a more personalized touch. You can choose to add your initials, a meaningful date, or even a symbol that signifies something special to you.

We offer several types of personalization to make your double rifle case truly unique. Whether you prefer embroidery for a sophisticated touch or patches for a casual and fun look, we have got you covered.

Utilizing Replacement Foam for a Custom Fit

To ensure the best protection for your firearms, it's crucial that they fit snugly inside your double rifle case. That's where our replacement foam comes in. You can customize the foam to provide a secure fit for your firearms, enhancing their protection during transportation.

The foam not only offers superior shock absorption but also a custom fit for your specific firearms. This ensures that your firearms are held securely in place, minimizing the risk of damage during transportation.

In conclusion, our customization options give you the freedom to design a double rifle case that is truly unique. At Ghost 13, we're not just about protection—we're about making a statement. So, when you choose us, you choose uniqueness, quality, and a true American spirit.


Choosing a double rifle case is not just about picking a protective cover for your firearms—it's about investing in a reliable, durable, and stylish companion for your shooting adventures. At Ghost 13, we understand the unique requirements of firearm enthusiasts and have designed our double rifle cases to meet those needs precisely.

From the Specialist Covert Double Rifle Case, known for its stealthy design and dual firearm capacity, to the Pro Touring Double Rifle Case, which marries style with functionality, our range of double rifle cases offer something for everyone. Each of our bags is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring they stand up to the rigors of use while keeping your firearms safe and secure.

Beyond functionality, our double rifle cases are a testament to our commitment to quality and American craftsmanship. As Landen Hull, our expert at Ghost 13, often says, "Our gun cases are not just tools; they are works of art." Crafted with the finest American materials, our gun cases are a clear statement of your commitment to quality and a unique way to express your individual style.

Moreover, our customization options give you the freedom to design a double rifle case that is uniquely yours. From choosing the right color and design to adding patches and personal touches, and even utilizing replacement foam for a custom fit—your Ghost 13 double rifle case can be as unique as you are.

As we wrap up this guide, a good double rifle case is an essential accessory for every firearm enthusiast. It not only protects your firearms from potential damage but also offers a convenient and secure way to transport them. So, when you invest in a Ghost 13 double rifle case, you're investing in superior protection, unmatched style, and the finest American craftsmanship.

For more information, browse through our collection or reach out to us at Landen Hull and our team at Ghost 13 are always ready to assist you in choosing the perfect double rifle case that suits your needs.


What is a Pelican Gun Case?

Pelican gun cases are well-known for their durability and protection capabilities. They come in different sizes and are often equipped with foam to protect firearms from moving around during transportation or sudden impacts. However, at Ghost 13, we pride ourselves on providing similar durable and safe storage options that can be customized to reflect your personal style and needs. For example, our Uncle Sam Rifle Bag is crafted from durable materials that offer protection against moisture, dust, and impact, ensuring your firearms stay safe, secure, and ready for action.

Is it OK to Store a Rifle in a Hard Case?

Yes, it is safe to store a rifle in a hard case. Hard cases provide excellent protection against external damage and are ideal for those who prioritize maximum protection and superior organization. In fact, our Ghost 13 custom gun cases are designed with care and precision, ensuring your rifle's safety and longevity. Just remember, it's also essential to regularly clean and maintain your firearms, even when stored in high-quality cases.

What is a Floating Gun Case?

A floating gun case is designed to float, ensuring your gun doesn't sink if accidentally dropped in water. While we don't currently offer floating gun cases at Ghost 13, our cases are designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring your firearms stay safe, secure, and ready for action in any environment.

Will an AR 15 Fit in a Rifle Case?

Most definitely! An AR 15 will fit in a rifle case, but the case size is important. The most popular rifle case lengths for AR-15 rifles are 36" and 42" as these two sizes fit most barrel length configurations. At Ghost 13, we offer a variety of case sizes to ensure a perfect match for your firearm. However, you definitely don't want to get something that's too loose or too tight on your rifle and gear. As always, proper measurements are key to guarantee the perfect fit for your firearm.

If you have more questions or need further guidance in choosing the right double rifle case, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Our expert, Landen Hull, and the rest of the Ghost 13 team are always here to assist you.

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