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Detailed Guide to Buying Custom Leather Rifle Scabbards

Quick Guide: Choosing a Custom Leather Rifle Scabbard

  • Look for Quality: High-grade leather ensures durability and protection.
  • Customization is Key: Options range from color, design, to functionality features.
  • Fit Matters: Ensure the scabbard fits your specific rifle model and size.
  • SLANGS Product Line: Explore our unique blend of rifle bag, sling, and case for a standout choice.

When seeking a custom leather rifle scabbard, focus on two primary aspects: customization options and the importance of quality.

A rifle scabbard is not just a carrying tool; it's a statement of style, function, and personal expression. At Ghost 13, we understand the needs of firearms enthusiasts who desire products that are not only effective but also exhibit unique designs and superb craftsmanship. That’s why we introduced our SLANGS product line, your ideal combination of a rifle bag, sling, and case crafted in the USA to meet the highest standards of quality and customization.

Quality can't be overstated. A high-quality leather scabbard protects your firearm from the elements, ensuring longevity and reliability. Customization options allow for a personal touch, aligning with your specific needs and aesthetic preferences. Whether it's choosing the perfect color, design, or functionality enhancements, every detail counts to make the scabbard uniquely yours.

Whether you're a seasoned marksman or a passionate collector, understanding these vital aspects will guide you to the perfect leather scabbard. With SLANGS, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in top-tier protection for your rifle that stands out from the crowd.

Customization and quality are key when choosing a leather rifle scabbard, highlighting SLANGS product line for a unique and high-quality choice - custom leather rifle scabbard infographic pillar-4-steps

Understanding Leather Rifle Scabbards

When you're in the market for a custom leather rifle scabbard, it's crucial to know what you're looking for. Let's break it down into four key areas: materials, design, durability, and leather types. This knowledge will help you make an informed decision and ensure you get a product that meets your needs.


The choice of material is fundamental in the construction of a leather rifle scabbard. High-quality leather is the go-to for these products because of its durability, flexibility, and aesthetic appeal. For instance, 9 oz. American Saddle leather, as used in the SLANGS product line from Ghost 13, is renowned for its resistance to wear and tear, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use.


Design is not just about how a scabbard looks; it's about functionality. A well-designed scabbard will secure your rifle snugly, protect it from the elements, and allow for easy access when needed. Features such as adjustable tie-down straps, steel buckles, and a suede leather lining are indicative of thoughtful design aimed at both protecting your firearm and enhancing usability.


Durability is a direct function of both the materials used and the craftsmanship involved in the scabbard’s construction. A scabbard stitched with 7-cord bonded nylon thread on industrial-strength machines, as seen in Kirkpatrick Leather's offerings, is likely to last through years of use. Durability ensures that your investment is protected and that the scabbard itself can be a reliable part of your gear over time.

Leather Types

The type of leather used can significantly affect the scabbard's look, feel, and functionality. For example, Wickett and Craig russet saddle leather is praised for its robustness and ability to hold its shape, making it ideal for a rifle scabbard that needs to withstand rough conditions. Other types of leather might offer different aesthetic and tactile experiences but may not provide the same level of protection or durability.

Understanding these four key areas will help you navigate the options available and choose a custom leather rifle scabbard that meets your specific needs. With the SLANGS product line from Ghost 13, you're looking at a blend of top-quality materials, thoughtful design, enduring durability, and a choice of leather types tailored to the discerning outdoorsman. This combination ensures that your rifle is not just stored but truly protected in a scabbard that's built to last.

In the next section, we'll explore how to choose the right custom leather rifle scabbard for your specific needs, considering fit, functionality, aesthetics, and protection.

Choosing the Right Custom Leather Rifle Scabbard

When it comes to safeguarding your rifle, selecting the perfect custom leather rifle scabbard is crucial. This choice is not just about protection; it's about matching your lifestyle, aesthetics, and the unique requirements of your firearm. Let's dive into how to make this important selection.

Types of Leather Rifle Scabbards

First, understand the different types available to find one that suits your needs:

  • Scoped Rifle Scabbard: Designed specifically for rifles with scopes, ensuring both the firearm and the optic are well-protected.
  • Over the Shoulder Rifle Scabbard: Ideal for those who prefer to carry their rifle on their back, offering easy access and comfort.
  • ATV Rifle Scabbard: Perfect for ATV riders, these scabbards provide secure and accessible firearm storage while on the move.
  • Open Top Rifle Scabbard: Offers quick access to your rifle; best for situations where speed is essential.

Key Features to Look For

When scouting for the right scabbard, keep these critical features in mind:

  • Fit: The scabbard should snugly fit your rifle, ensuring it's securely held in place. A well-fitted scabbard is essential for both protection and ease of access.
  • Functionality: Consider how you'll be using the scabbard. Whether it's for hunting, on an ATV, or for tactical purposes, the scabbard should meet your specific needs.
  • Aesthetics: A scabbard is not just a protective tool; it's also a statement. Choose one that matches your personal style. With options like hand tooling and color choices, you can make it truly yours.
  • Protection: Look for features like water resistance, quality lining (preferably suede for extra cushioning), and robust stitching. These aspects ensure your rifle stays safe from elements and impacts.
  • Customization Options: Custom leather rifle scabbards offer a plethora of personalization options. From floral patterns and basket stamps to adding your brand, name, or initials, these touches make the scabbard uniquely yours.

Our new product line, SLANGS, takes customization to the next level. With SLANGS, you're not just buying a scabbard; you're crafting a personal statement. Whether it's a specific color palette to match your gear or intricate designs that reflect your personality, SLANGS offers unparalleled personalization.

The right custom leather rifle scabbard is one that fits your rifle like a glove, suits your lifestyle, and reflects your personal style. With the right features and customization, your scabbard will not only protect your firearm but also become an extension of your outdoor adventures.

In the next section, we'll delve into the top providers of custom leather rifle scabbards, highlighting those who stand out in craftsmanship and customization, including our very own SLANGS product line.

Customization Options for Leather Rifle Scabbards

When it comes to custom leather rifle scabbards, the beauty is in the details. It's not just about making a protective cover for your rifle; it's about creating something that's uniquely yours. Let's take a closer look at how you can make a scabbard that stands out.

Popular Customization Requests

Hand Tooling: This is where the magic happens. Hand tooling allows for intricate designs to be pressed into the leather, making each scabbard a piece of art. It's a way to add a personal touch or even tell a story on the leather itself.

Color Choices: The color of your scabbard can say a lot about your style. Whether you prefer the natural look of tan leather or want something more unique like a deep burgundy, the choice is yours. The right color can make your scabbard pop or blend seamlessly with your gear.

Personalization (brand, name, initials): There's something special about seeing your name, initials, or even a personal brand on your gear. It's a mark of pride and ownership. Personalization makes your scabbard uniquely yours and can also be a great conversation starter.

Hardware Options: The type of hardware used in your scabbard, such as buckles, straps, and snaps, can significantly affect its look and functionality. Opting for brass hardware can give it a classic feel, while stainless steel can offer a more modern look.

Floral Patterns: For those who appreciate nature and artistry, floral patterns offer a way to bring a bit of the outdoors to your gear. These patterns can range from subtle to elaborate, depending on your preference.

Basket Stamp: This pattern gives a traditional western feel to your scabbard. The basket stamp pattern is timeless and adds texture and depth to the leather.

Suede Lining: Not only does suede lining protect the finish of your rifle, but it also adds an extra layer of luxury to your scabbard. The soft texture ensures your rifle is cradled safely and securely.

Padded Interior: For the ultimate in protection, a padded interior guards against bumps and bruises while on the move. It's an excellent choice for those who travel frequently with their rifle.

Our new product line, SLANGS, takes customization to the next level. With SLANGS, you have the opportunity to create a custom leather rifle scabbard that truly reflects your personality and style. From the choice of leather and color to the intricate details of hand tooling and personalization, SLANGS offers a wide range of options to make your scabbard one-of-a-kind.

A custom leather rifle scabbard is more than just a way to carry your rifle; it's a statement piece. Whether you're on the range, in the field, or simply displaying your rifle at home, a customized scabbard shows off your personal style and dedication to craftsmanship.

In our next section, we'll introduce you to the top providers of custom leather rifle scabbards, including more about our SLANGS product line and how it stands out in custom leather goods.

Top Providers of Custom Leather Rifle Scabbards

When you're looking for the best custom leather rifle scabbard, it's important to choose a provider that not only understands your needs but also has a reputation for quality and craftsmanship. Below, we'll introduce you to some of the top providers in the industry, including our innovative SLANGS product line.

Outfitters Pack Station

Outfitters Pack Station is known for their rugged and durable outdoor gear. Their custom leather rifle scabbards are made with the outdoor enthusiast in mind, offering both protection and accessibility. They specialize in gear that's built to withstand the elements, making their scabbards a great choice for hunters and outdoor adventurers.

J.M. Capriola

J.M. Capriola carries on the tradition of the American West with their beautifully crafted leather goods. Their custom rifle scabbards are a testament to their commitment to quality, with options for personalization that include hand tooling, floral patterns, and more. They are a go-to for those who appreciate the art of traditional leather craftsmanship.

Levergun Leather Works

Levergun Leather Works offers a unique service where everything is custom made to order, ensuring a perfect fit for your rifle. They pride themselves on not keeping anything in stock, which means each piece is crafted with individual attention. Their customization options are extensive, allowing for a truly personalized product.

Ghost 13 (SLANGS product line)

SLANGS product line - custom leather rifle scabbard

At Ghost 13, we're excited to introduce our SLANGS product line, which represents the cutting edge in custom leather rifle scabbards. Our SLANGS line is designed for the modern shooter who values both form and function. We offer a range of finishes, including plain, basket-weave, and hand-tooled in various colors. Our scabbards are not only about carrying your rifle; they're about making a statement.

Our SLANGS product line is built on the foundation of high-quality materials and innovative design. We understand that every rifle owner has unique needs, which is why we offer customization options that go beyond the standard. Whether you're looking for a scabbard that's sleek and minimalist or one that's elaborately decorated, SLANGS has you covered.

Why Choose SLANGS?

  • Innovative Designs: Our team is constantly exploring new styles and techniques to keep our products at the forefront of the industry.
  • Customization: With SLANGS, you're not just getting a scabbard; you're getting a piece of art that reflects your personal style.
  • Quality Materials: We use only the finest leathers and materials, ensuring that your scabbard is as durable as it is beautiful.
  • Attention to Detail: Every SLANGS scabbard is crafted with care and precision, ensuring a perfect fit for your rifle and a finish that stands out.

Choosing the right custom leather rifle scabbard means finding a provider that matches your style, needs, and values. Whether you're drawn to the rugged functionality of Outfitters Pack Station, the traditional craftsmanship of J.M. Capriola, the made-to-order excellence of Levergun Leather Works, or the innovative designs of our SLANGS product line at Ghost 13, you're investing in quality that lasts.

In our next section, we'll answer some frequently asked questions about custom leather rifle scabbards, helping you make an informed decision for your next purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Leather Rifle Scabbards

When it comes to custom leather rifle scabbards, we know you've got questions. Let's dive into some of the most common inquiries to help guide your decision.

How to Measure Your Rifle for a Custom Scabbard?

Measuring your rifle for a custom scabbard is simpler than you might think. Here's a quick guide:

  1. Length: Measure from the tip of the barrel to the end of the butt. If your rifle has a scope or any attachments, include them in the measurement to ensure a perfect fit.
  2. Circumference: Measure around the widest part of your rifle. This is typically around the grip or the scope, if you have one.
  3. Scope Size: If your rifle has a scope, measure its length, width, and height. This ensures the scabbard provides adequate protection without being too tight.

When in doubt, it's better to give a bit more room than not enough. You want your rifle to slide in and out smoothly.

Can You Customize a Scabbard for a Scoped Rifle?

Absolutely! Custom leather rifle scabbards can be tailored to fit any rifle, scoped or not. When ordering, mention that your rifle has a scope and provide the measurements we discussed. This way, the crafter can adjust the design to accommodate the scope, ensuring it's protected just as well as the rest of your rifle. Many custom scabbard makers, including our new SLANGS product line at Ghost 13, specialize in creating scabbards that fit scoped rifles perfectly.

Maintenance Tips for Leather Rifle Scabbards

Keeping your custom leather rifle scabbard in top condition is key to its longevity. Here are some simple yet effective maintenance tips:

  • Clean Regularly: Use a soft, dry cloth to remove dust and dirt. For tougher stains, a slightly damp cloth can do the trick. Avoid using harsh cleaners.
  • Condition: Apply a leather conditioner every few months to keep the leather supple and prevent cracking. This is especially important in dry climates.
  • Store Properly: When not in use, store your scabbard in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. This prevents fading and drying out.
  • Check for Wear: Regularly inspect your scabbard for signs of wear, such as loose stitching or cracks in the leather. Addressing these issues early can prevent bigger problems down the line.

By following these tips, your custom leather rifle scabbard will remain a protective and stylish accessory for years to come.

Whether you're looking to secure your firearm in a scabbard that fits like a glove, or you're curious about the detailed care for these custom pieces, we hope these answers guide you towards making the best choice for your needs. A custom leather rifle scabbard is not just a purchase; it's an investment in the protection and longevity of your firearm.


When it comes to safeguarding your prized rifle, choosing the right custom leather rifle scabbard is paramount. At Ghost 13, we understand the unique needs of every outdoorsman and firearm enthusiast, which is why we're thrilled to introduce our new product line, SLANGS. This line is specially designed to meet the high standards of durability, style, and customization that you've come to expect from us.

SLANGS represents the pinnacle of our commitment to providing top-notch, custom leather rifle scabbards. Crafted from the finest American tanned leather, these scabbards offer not just protection but a statement of quality and craftsmanship. Whether you're traversing rugged terrains or simply storing your rifle, the SLANGS line ensures your firearm remains secure and accessible.

Key Features of the SLANGS Product Line:

  • High-Quality Leather: Every scabbard is made from premium, durable leather that withstands the elements, ensuring your rifle is protected in all conditions.

  • Customization: We believe in making each scabbard uniquely yours. From hand tooling to color choices and personalization options like your brand, name, or initials, SLANGS scabbards are tailored to your specifications.

  • Functionality Meets Style: With SLANGS, you don't have to choose between a scabbard that's practical or one that looks good. Our designs ensure you get both, complementing the aesthetics of your rifle while providing unmatched protection.

  • Craftsmanship: Each SLANGS scabbard is a testament to the skill of our artisans. The attention to detail, from stitching to lining, guarantees a product that's not only durable but also a work of art.

As we conclude, a custom leather rifle scabbard from Ghost 13's SLANGS product line is more than just a carrying case for your rifle. It's an extension of your passion for the outdoors and shooting sports, crafted with care to serve you on countless adventures. Our commitment to quality, combined with the unique customization options, makes SLANGS the ideal choice for those who demand the best in protection, functionality, and style.

Explore our collection now and find your perfect custom leather rifle scabbard. With Ghost 13's SLANGS line, you're not just prepared for the journey ahead; you're making a statement with every step. Welcome to a world where quality, durability, and style go hand in hand.

Discover the SLANGS product line today!

Whether you're a seasoned hunter, a competitive shooter, or someone who appreciates the beauty and craftsmanship of custom leather goods, we invite you to experience the difference with Ghost 13's SLANGS product line. Your rifle deserves nothing less.

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