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Everything You Need to Know About Larry Vickers

Larry Vickers: Quick Facts

  • Name: Larry Allen Vickers
  • Profession: Retired Delta Force operator, firearms expert, author
  • Notable Contributions: Founder of Vickers Tactical, co-developer of HK416 and HK45 with Heckler & Koch
  • Media Presence: Runs a successful YouTube channel, Vickers Tactical
  • Legal Issues: Pleaded guilty to federal gun charges in October 2023

Larry Vickers is a name that resonates within the firearms community. A retired Delta Force Master Sergeant turned firearms expert and social media influencer. Vickers has had a multifaceted career, transitioning from high-stakes military operations to becoming a pivotal figure in firearms education through his YouTube channel and books. But his journey has also met with legal hurdles, marking a complex narrative that spans contributions to firearm development and recent legal entanglements.

For those who admire Vickers for his elite military background, his insight into firearm mechanisms, or his candid social media presence, there's much to explore. However, it's also crucial to not overlook the legal challenges he has faced, as these are part of his story as well.

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In this guide, we'll delve deeper into Larry Vickers's remarkable journey, explore the outcomes of his legal battles, and see how his contributions continue to influence the firearms community, setting the stage for innovative products like SLANGS that elevate the firearms experience for enthusiasts everywhere.

Larry Vickers: The Man Behind the Gun

Larry Vickers is not just any name in the firearms world; he is a legend. His journey from a Delta Force operative to a renowned firearms instructor and tactical gear innovator is a story of passion, dedication, and innovation. Let's break down his journey and contributions to the firearms community.

Delta Force

At the heart of Larry Vickers's career is his service with the United States Army's Delta Force. This elite unit is where he honed his skills and developed a deep understanding of firearms and tactical operations. His experiences in Delta Force laid the foundation for his later work as a firearms instructor and consultant.

Heckler & Koch and the Birth of the HK416 and HK45

After retiring from the military, Vickers continued to make his mark in the firearms industry. He worked closely with Heckler & Koch (H&K), a leading firearms manufacturer. His collaboration with H&K led to the development of the HK416 and HK45, firearms that have been praised for their reliability and performance. These weapons are considered significant advancements in firearm technology, showcasing Vickers's expertise and innovative thinking.

Firearms Instructor and Vickers Tactical

Larry Vickers didn't stop with developing firearms; he also became a sought-after firearms instructor. Through Vickers Tactical, he has shared his extensive knowledge and skills with civilians, law enforcement, and military personnel. His training programs are highly respected in the firearms community for their depth, practicality, and focus on safety.

A Legacy of Innovation and Education

Larry Vickers's contributions to the firearms industry go beyond his service in Delta Force and his time with Heckler & Koch. He is a pioneer in firearms education, constantly pushing for better training, safer handling, and innovative gear. His YouTube channel and the Vickers Guide book series have become essential resources for firearms enthusiasts worldwide.

Introducing SLANGS

In line with Larry Vickers's legacy of innovation, we at Ghost 13 are proud to introduce our new product line, SLANGS. This innovative product merges the functionality of a rifle bag with the convenience of a sling, embodying the same spirit of practical innovation that Vickers has championed throughout his career. Designed for the modern shooter who values both form and function, SLANGS is a testament to the ongoing evolution of the firearms industry.

Larry Vickers's journey from a Delta Force operative to a key figure in the firearms community is a testament to his passion, expertise, and commitment to excellence. As we continue to explore his impact on the industry, his story is not just about guns and gear. It's about the relentless pursuit of excellence and the desire to share knowledge with others. This spirit is what drives us at Ghost 13 as we develop products like SLANGS, aiming to enhance the firearms experience for enthusiasts everywhere.

The Legal Battle

When we dive into Larry Vickers, a prominent figure in the firearms community, we find ourselves navigating through a complex legal battle that intertwines with international sanctions, the importation of machine guns, and prolific online activities. Let's break this down into simpler terms to understand the gravity of the situation.

Machine Guns and Conspiracy

Larry Vickers found himself in hot water due to his involvement in a conspiracy related to the importation of machine guns. This wasn't just about bringing in firearms; it was about doing so in a manner that bypassed federal laws designed to regulate such activities. The seriousness of these charges can't be understated, with potential consequences including a lengthy prison sentence.

YouTube and Social Media Impact

Vickers's influence extends deeply into the online world, particularly through YouTube, where he has showcased various firearms, including machine guns. His videos not only display these weapons but also demonstrate their use. This platform played a significant role in the legal issues he faced, especially when it came to the types of firearms shown and how they were acquired.

Kalashnikov, Sanctions, and Russia

The legal complexities deepen with Vickers's involvement with JSC Kalashnikov Concern, a Russian firearms manufacturer. Between July 2014 and March 2021, he engaged in activities that sought to bypass U.S. sanctions against Russia. This included attempting to establish a U.S. business for manufacturing Kalashnikov-style firearms for the American market, a move that directly contravened the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.

The Role of Sanctions

Sanctions are tools used by governments to restrict or eliminate trade and economic activity with specific countries, organizations, or individuals. In Vickers's case, these sanctions were against Russia, aiming to penalize them for various geopolitical reasons. By attempting to sidestep these sanctions, Vickers and his associates not only risked their freedom but also challenged the authority of U.S. law on an international stage.

Looking Forward

As we continue to follow Larry Vickers's journey, it's crucial to remember the broader implications of his legal battle. It serves as a stark reminder of the responsibilities that come with being a prominent figure in the firearms community, especially when dealing with international laws and sanctions.

Our commitment at Ghost 13, especially with our new product line SLANGS, is to ensure compliance with all legal standards while providing high-quality, innovative products for firearms enthusiasts. This commitment is underscored by the lessons learned from the legal challenges faced by individuals like Larry Vickers.

Next Section: Vickers and the Online Community

As we transition from the complexities of legal battles to the digital realm, we'll explore how Larry Vickers has influenced the online gun community through platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. This influence extends beyond just sharing content; it's about fostering a community that shares a deep passion for firearms and their responsible use.

Vickers and the Online Community

Larry Vickers is not just a name in firearms; it's a brand that has significantly impacted the online gun community. Through platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, Larry Vickers has managed to gather a following that many can only dream of. His journey from a Delta Force operator to a firearms influencer, or as the internet would call him, a "gunfluencer," showcases the power of social media in today's digital age.

YouTube: A Hub for Firearms Enthusiasts

On YouTube, Larry Vickers is a giant, with over 1 million subscribers tuning in to watch his detailed firearm reviews, tactical training tips, and showcases of rare guns. His channel, Vickers Tactical, is a treasure trove for gun enthusiasts. It's not just about showing off guns; it's about educating his audience on the nuances of firearms, their history, and safe handling practices. Despite facing legal challenges, his YouTube presence remains strong, a testament to his unwavering influence in the gun community.

Facebook and Instagram: Building a Community

With 415,000 followers on Facebook and 179,000 on Instagram, Larry Vickers has built a robust online presence. These platforms allow him to connect more personally with his audience, sharing updates, engaging in discussions, and providing insights into his daily life and opinions on various firearms and gear. It's this personal touch that has helped him maintain his popularity, even amidst legal battles.

The Rise of "Gunfluencers"

Larry Vickers is at the forefront of a new wave of social media stars known as "gunfluencers." These individuals leverage their expertise and passion for firearms to influence others, often in partnership with gun manufacturers. They play a crucial role in shaping opinions, promoting firearms education, and advocating for responsible gun ownership. Their impact is significant, with many of them reaching millions of viewers and followers across various platforms.

Social Media Impact

The social media impact of figures like Larry Vickers cannot be understated. They have the power to bring the gun community together, fostering a space for education, discussion, and shared interests. Through their content, they reach a wide audience, from seasoned shooters to those new to firearms. This widespread influence has made social media an essential tool in the firearms industry, for both education and marketing.

Introducing SLANGS

In line with staying at the forefront of firearms and gear, we're excited to introduce our new product line, SLANGS. Inspired by the dedication of individuals like Larry Vickers to firearms education and community building, SLANGS aims to offer innovative solutions for gun storage and maintenance. Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out this exciting new line designed for the modern gun owner.

As we transition from discussing Larry Vickers' influence on social media to exploring the firearms and gear he uses and recommends, it's clear that his impact on the online gun community is profound. From educational content on YouTube to engaging posts on Facebook and Instagram, Vickers continues to be a pivotal figure in firearms, inspiring a new generation of responsible gun owners and enthusiasts.

Firearms and Gear: What Larry Vickers Uses and Recommends

When it comes to firearms and gear, Larry Vickers is a name synonymous with expertise and reliability. His experience in the military and as a firearms instructor has given him a unique perspective on what works best in the field. Here's a closer look at some of the firearms and gear Larry Vickers uses and highly recommends.

Glock Pistols: G17 and G19

Larry Vickers has a special affinity for Glock pistols, particularly the G17 and G19 models. These 9mm pistols are renowned for their reliability, durability, and ease of use. The G17, known for its larger size, offers a higher magazine capacity, making it an excellent choice for duty or home defense. On the other hand, the G19 is slightly more compact, offering versatility and comfort for concealed carry without significantly sacrificing firepower.

  • G17: Ideal for duty use with a magazine capacity of 17 rounds.
  • G19: Perfect for concealed carry with a slightly smaller frame but still maintains a respectable 15-round magazine capacity.

Both models are part of what Larry considers the "universal service pistol" category due to their widespread acceptance and use among military, law enforcement, and civilian shooters worldwide.

Machine Guns and Russian Firearms

Larry's experience in the Special Forces has also made him a knowledgeable advocate for various machine guns and Russian firearms. His appreciation for the AK-47, a symbol of reliability and simplicity, is well-documented. This admiration even led him to acquire an autograph from Mikhail Kalashnikov, the AK-47's inventor.

While machine guns are not accessible to the average civilian due to legal restrictions, Larry's insights into their mechanics, use, and historical significance are valuable for enthusiasts and professionals alike. His expertise extends to teaching about the tactical and practical applications of these powerful firearms, emphasizing safety and responsibility.

Kalashnikov Series

The Kalashnikov series, particularly models like the AK-47 and its variants, hold a special place in Larry's collection. He values these firearms for their historical impact and their unmatched reliability under harsh conditions. The AK-47's design simplicity, ease of maintenance, and effectiveness in various combat scenarios make it a frequent topic of discussion and recommendation in his educational content.

Introducing SLANGS

In line with his dedication to firearms education and safety, Larry Vickers is excited about the introduction of Ghost 13's new product line, SLANGS. These innovative accessories are designed to enhance the shooting experience, providing improved handling, accuracy, and protection for your firearms. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or new to the gun community, SLANGS offers something to elevate your gear to the next level.

In summary, Larry Vickers's recommendations on firearms and gear stem from years of hands-on experience and a deep understanding of what makes a weapon reliable and effective. From Glock pistols to the iconic AK-47, his advice is grounded in practicality and performance. As the firearms community continues to grow and evolve, insights from seasoned experts like Larry Vickers remain invaluable, guiding both new and experienced shooters in their journey.

Frequently Asked Questions about Larry Vickers

In firearms and tactical training, Larry Vickers stands out as a seasoned expert whose advice and insights are highly sought after. Let's address some of the most frequently asked questions about this influential figure.

How long was Larry Vickers in Delta Force?

Larry Vickers served in the elite Delta Force for a significant portion of his military career. He joined the United States Army Special Forces in 1982 and retired after 20 years of service. This period includes his time in both the Special Forces and Delta Force, where he undertook various challenging operations and contributed to the development of firearms tactics and training methodologies.

What does Larry Vickers carry?

Larry Vickers is well-known for his expertise in firearms and has been associated with various weapons throughout his career. While specific details about his everyday carry (EDC) might not be publicly available, Vickers is a fan of the AK-47 and has been involved in the development of several Heckler & Koch weapons, including the HK416 and HK45. His preferences and recommendations often lean towards practical, reliable firearms that serve well in tactical situations.

What squadron was Larry Vickers in?

During his illustrious career in the United States Army, Larry Vickers served in A Squadron, Delta Force. This unit is part of the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D), commonly known as Delta Force. The squadron is one of the elite components of the U.S. Army, specializing in counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, and direct action missions.

As we delve deeper into firearms and tactical training, it's clear that Larry Vickers's contributions have left a lasting impact. His expertise, honed over years of service in one of the military's most elite units, continues to influence both enthusiasts and professionals. Whether through his work on developing firearms with Heckler & Koch or sharing his knowledge on social media platforms, Vickers's legacy is a testament to his dedication to the field.

In our next section, we will explore how Larry Vickers's experiences and insights have shaped the firearms community, including his role in the development of our new product line, SLANGS. This innovative addition promises to bring a fresh perspective to tactical gear, inspired by the practical wisdom and tactical expertise of Larry Vickers himself. Stay tuned for an in-depth look at how SLANGS is set to redefine standards in the industry.


In wrapping up our exploration of Larry Vickers, we've journeyed through his remarkable career, from his elite service in Delta Force to his influential role as a firearms instructor and tactical gear innovator. Vickers' story is not just about the guns and gear; it's a narrative that intertwines with the importance of firearms education, the real-world implications of legal battles, and the power of community support.

Firearms Education: Larry Vickers has undeniably contributed to firearms education. Through his YouTube channel, Vickers Tactical, and his series of reference books, Vickers Guide, he has shared invaluable insights into firearm mechanics, handling, and history. His dedication to educating others underscores the critical role of knowledge and training in responsible gun ownership.

Legal Consequences: The recent legal challenges faced by Larry Vickers serve as a stark reminder of the complexities surrounding firearms law. His guilty plea on federal gun charges highlights the importance of compliance with legal regulations, even for seasoned experts. This aspect of Vickers' journey is a cautionary tale, emphasizing that knowledge of and adherence to the law are integral to the firearms community.

Community Support: Despite the legal hurdles, the continued support Larry Vickers receives from the online gun community illustrates the strong bonds within this group. His situation has sparked discussions on the responsibilities of "gunfluencers" and the content they share, reinforcing the notion that the firearms community is not just about guns—it's about people supporting one another through challenges.

Ghost 13 and SLANGS: At Ghost 13, we're committed to fostering a culture of safety, respect, and continuous improvement in the firearms community. Our new product line, SLANGS, is inspired by the practical wisdom and tactical expertise of figures like Larry Vickers. SLANGS aims to redefine standards in the tactical gear industry, merging style with functionality to meet the needs of modern shooters and enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Larry Vickers' legacy is multifaceted, marked by his contributions to firearms education, his legal battles, and the unwavering support of his community. As we look forward to the introduction of SLANGS, we're reminded of the importance of responsible ownership, continuous learning, and the value of community. Let's carry forward the lessons learned from Vickers' experience, ensuring a legacy of responsible firearm ownership and enriching the shooting community for generations to come.

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