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King of the Range Slang

King of the Range Slang

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Introducing the King of the Range Ghost 13 Slang – where the art of warfare meets the art of the deck. This isn't just a rifle slang; it's a royal flush in the game of tactical gear. Inspired by the classic king playing card, this bag is an homage to the strategy, skill, and a touch of luck that defines both a game of cards and the art of tactical operations.

As you carry the King of the Range Rifle Slang, it's not just about transporting your firearm; it's about carrying a symbol of leadership and cunning. It's a reminder that, in the field, you need to play your cards right – anticipate moves, strategize wisely, and when necessary, take bold actions. This bag is for the tactician who knows that in the great game of tactics and defense, being the king is not about ruling; it's about leading with intelligence and courage.

So, let the Ghost 13 AR-15 Rifle Slang be your companion in your tactical endeavors. With this bag, you're not just equipped; you're empowered with the spirit of a leader, the mind of a strategist, and the heart of a warrior. All hail the King of the Range!

• Only 30 ever made. Get yours Now! 
• Designed and Manufactured in the USA
• Part rifle sling, part rifle bag, part rifle case
• Fits a variety of assault rifles (29" x 10")

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