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Queen of the Range Slang

Queen of the Range Slang

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Introducing the Queen of the Range Ghost 13 Rifle Slang – a perfect blend of elegance and tactical prowess. This isn't just a rifle bag; it's a tribute to the queen of the battlefield, where grace under pressure meets strategic dominance. Inspired by the powerful figure of the queen in a deck of cards, this bag is for those who command with both intelligence and indomitable spirit.

Carrying the Queen of the Range Rifle Slang sends a message of sophistication and authority. It's a nod to those who approach every situation with a blend of tactical acumen and unshakable calm – reminiscent of a chess grandmaster and a seasoned commander. This slang is for the strategist who understands that true power lies in the ability to think several moves ahead and act with precision and grace.

The Queen of the Range Rifle Slang is more than a means to carry your firearm; it's a symbol of a tactical leader who rules not from a throne, but from the front lines, leading with wisdom, courage, and an unyielding resolve. It's an homage to the queen in every marksman – regal, resourceful, and ready for any challenge. Carry it with pride and let it be known that you're not just part of the game; you're a reigning force.

• Only 30 ever made. Get yours Now! 
• Designed and Manufactured in the USA
• Part rifle sling, part rifle bag, part rifle case
• Fits a variety of assault rifles (29" x 10")

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