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In Depth Guide to Choosing the Best AR 15 Gun Sling

Quick Guide to Choosing an AR 15 Gun Sling

  • Best for Quick Access: Single-point sling
  • Best for Stability and Accuracy: 2-point sling
  • Best All-Rounder: Hybrid or Three-point sling
  • Material Matters: Consider durability (leather, nylon)
  • Your Needs: Assess based on activity (hunting, tactical, competition)

When it comes to enhancing your AR 15 experience, a reliable gun sling isn’t just an accessory—it’s a necessity. Whether you're a firearms enthusiast embracing the outdoors or a competitive shooter aiming for precision, your sling serves as the bridge between readiness and performance. It’s about more than just carrying your rifle; it’s about control, comfort, and swift accessibility.

Introducing SLANGS, our new product line uniquely crafted to meet the esteemed standards of Ghost 13 aficionados. SLANGS are designed to stand out, offering unmatched quality and craftsmanship. Made in the USA, they blur the lines between rifle bags, slings, and cases, embodying a blend of functionality and distinctive style for the discerning firearm enthusiast.

Choosing the right sling can enhance your control over the weapon, improve accuracy, and ensure comfort during prolonged use. Whether you opt for the classic stability of a 2-point sling, the rapid accessibility of a single-point, or the versatile functionality of a hybrid sling, Ghost 13’s SLANGS collection delivers on all fronts.

Infographic detailing how to choose the best AR 15 gun sling, covering quick access (single-point sling), stability & accuracy (2-point sling), and the all-rounder (hybrid sling). Also mentions the importance of material and how SLANGS can fulfill your needs based on activity. - ar 15 gun sling infographic pillar-3-steps

Let’s dive deeper into what makes a high-quality AR 15 gun sling and how SLANGS by Ghost 13 can elevate your shooting experience.

Types of AR 15 Gun Slings

When you're in the market for an AR 15 gun sling, you'll find there are mainly three types to consider: 2-point slings, single-point slings, and hybrid slings. Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, depending on what you're looking for in terms of support, mobility, and versatility. Let's break them down:

2-Point Slings

The 2-point sling is probably what comes to mind when you think of a traditional rifle sling. It attaches to two points on your rifle, usually at the front and back. This type of sling is favored for its stability and accuracy, making it a top choice for shooters who prioritize precision.

  • Pros: Great for long-distance shooting; provides excellent stability.
  • Cons: Can be slower to maneuver in tight spaces.

Single-Point Slings

As the name suggests, a single-point sling attaches to your AR 15 at a single point, typically near the rear of the receiver. This setup allows for maximum mobility, making it easier to move your rifle around quickly, especially in close quarters.

  • Pros: Ideal for dynamic situations and quick transitions between shooting and resting positions.
  • Cons: The rifle can swing and hit the user when not in use, potentially causing discomfort or injury.

Hybrid Slings

The hybrid sling combines elements of both the 2-point and single-point designs, offering a versatile solution that can adapt to various situations. Often, these slings can be quickly converted from one type to the other, giving you the best of both worlds.

  • Pros: Flexible; can be adjusted to suit the situation or personal preference.
  • Cons: May be more complex to set up and adjust due to its versatility.

Introducing SLANGS by Ghost 13

To offer shooters the best possible gear, Ghost 13 is proud to introduce our new product line: SLANGS. These innovative slings are designed with the modern shooter in mind, providing durability, comfort, and versatility. Whether you're on a tactical operation, at the range, or simply carrying your AR 15 while on the move, SLANGS have you covered.

SLANGS come in all three types — 2-point, single-point, and hybrid — to cater to every shooter's needs. Made from high-quality materials, they ensure your AR 15 is secure and readily accessible, no matter the scenario. Plus, with easy-to-adjust features, you can customize the fit and function to match your shooting style.

Choosing the right AR 15 gun sling is crucial for enhancing your shooting experience. Whether you prefer the stability of a 2-point sling, the mobility of a single-point sling, or the versatility of a hybrid sling, SLANGS by Ghost 13 offer the perfect combination of performance and comfort. Stay tuned as we dive into how to pick the right sling for your needs based on material, length, width, and attachment options.

Choosing the Right Sling for Your AR 15

Picking the right sling for your AR 15 isn't just about the type. The material, length, width, attachment, and adjustability all play crucial roles. Let's break these down into bite-sized chunks to make your decision easier.


The material of your ar 15 gun sling can influence both its durability and comfort. SLANGS by Ghost 13, for instance, are crafted with a focus on rugged durability and operational efficiency. Whether you go for the classic feel of leather or the modern resilience of 600D polyester with PVC backing, remember: the right material protects your rifle and sits comfortably on your shoulder for extended periods.


The length of your sling matters more than you might think. Too short, and it'll be uncomfortable. Too long, and it may snag or interfere with movement. Adjustable slings offer the best of both worlds, letting you find the perfect fit for your body and usage scenario. Look for slings that allow for easy length adjustments even when you're on the move.


The width of the sling affects how it distributes weight across your shoulder. A wider sling can spread out the load, making your AR 15 feel lighter, especially over long periods. However, thicker slings might be bulkier or less flexible. SLANGS are designed with a balanced width that provides comfort without sacrificing mobility.


How your sling attaches to your AR 15 is crucial for both security and ease of use. The traditional clash hook might feel secure but can be a hassle to attach or detach quickly. Modern quick detach (QD) swivels, as seen in many of our SLANGS products, offer a secure attachment that can be easily and quickly removed or attached to your rifle, providing flexibility for different scenarios.


Finally, adjustability can turn a good sling into the perfect sling. Being able to quickly adjust the length and fit of your sling means you can transition between carrying, shooting, and moving with ease. A well-designed adjustable sling, like those in the SLANGS line, ensures your AR 15 is always where you need it to be, without getting in the way.

Choosing the right ar 15 gun sling comes down to balancing these factors with your personal needs and preferences. Whether you're in the field, on the range, or simply carrying your rifle for long distances, the right sling makes all the difference. SLANGS by Ghost 13 are designed with these considerations in mind, offering a versatile, comfortable, and durable solution for every AR 15 owner.

Next, we'll explore some of the most popular AR 15 gun slings on the market, highlighting their unique features and how they might fit into your personal setup.

Popular AR 15 Gun Slings in the Market

When it comes to selecting the perfect ar 15 gun sling, the market offers a plethora of options. Each sling comes with its unique set of features aimed at enhancing your shooting experience. Let's dive into some of the most popular choices among shooters.

Vickers Sling™

The Vickers Sling™, created by Blue Force Gear, is renowned for its exceptional durability. Crafted with high-quality materials, it's designed to withstand the rigors of any environment. What sets the Vickers Sling apart is its patented quick adjust feature, allowing shooters to lengthen or shorten the sling effortlessly without creating loose ends. This feature is particularly useful in dynamic shooting scenarios where speed and flexibility are crucial.

Hybrid Instant Transition Sling

Favored by Navy SEALs for its versatility, the Hybrid Instant Transition Sling is the epitome of adaptability in the field. This sling can quickly transition from a two-point to a single-point configuration, offering the best of both worlds. Whether you're navigating through tight spaces or require rapid weapon transitions, this sling adapts to your needs without skipping a beat.


SENTRY Slings stand out for their quick disconnect feature. Built with the modern shooter in mind, these slings are made from durable, wear-resistant nylon webbing, ensuring they last through countless missions. The quick disconnect system is a game-changer, allowing for fast and effortless detachment of your weapon when speed is of the essence. Whether you're in a tactical scenario or on the range, SENTRY Slings provide the reliability and quick access you need.

Tactical Link Slings

For those who demand high-quality and performance, Tactical Link Slings are a top choice. These slings are designed to offer superior comfort and functionality, enhancing the shooting experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Tactical Link's commitment to excellence is evident in the craftsmanship of their slings, ensuring that your weapon is secure and easily accessible when you need it most.

It's clear that the right sling can significantly impact your shooting efficiency and comfort. Whether you prioritize durability, versatility, quick disconnects, or overall performance, there's a sling out there that meets your needs. And with the introduction of our new product line, SLANGS, by Ghost 13, we're excited to offer even more options for AR 15 owners looking for the perfect blend of quality and functionality. Stay tuned as we delve into how to properly use and adjust your AR 15 sling for optimal performance in the next section.

How to Properly Use and Adjust Your AR 15 Sling

Positioning, Transitioning, Support

Getting the most out of your AR 15 gun sling involves more than just attaching it to your rifle. Proper use and adjustment can significantly enhance your shooting experience, providing better stability, comfort, and readiness. Whether you've chosen a 2-point, single-point, or our new SLANGS product line, here's how to ensure you're getting the best from your sling.

Positioning Your Sling

The first step is to position your sling correctly on your rifle. For 2-point slings, attach one end of the sling near the rifle's butt and the other near the barrel's base. This setup offers stability and aids in carrying the rifle over long distances comfortably.

Single-point slings attach at a single point on the rifle, usually near the rear of the receiver. This positioning allows for greater maneuverability, especially in tight spaces.

Our SLANGS line offers versatility in attachment points, ensuring you can find the perfect balance between comfort and accessibility.

Transitioning With Your Sling

Transitioning quickly between carrying, ready, and shooting positions is crucial, especially in tactical situations. With a 2-point sling, you can easily transition the rifle from your back to a shooting stance by loosening the sling with a quick-adjust feature.

For single-point slings, transitioning is inherently swift due to the sling's design, allowing the rifle to hang in front and be quickly brought to bear.

SLANGS are designed to facilitate rapid transitions, incorporating features like quick-adjust buckles and flexible attachment points to suit various scenarios.

Supporting Your Shot

A well-adjusted sling can also provide additional support for your shots. By tightening the sling and using it to create tension between your arm and the rifle, you can achieve a more stable shooting platform. This technique is particularly effective with 2-point slings, where the sling can be looped around the shooting arm to brace the rifle against your body.

Even single-point slings can offer some degree of support by ensuring the rifle is kept close to your center of gravity, allowing for quicker aiming and improved stability during rapid fire.

SLANGS take this concept further by integrating padding and adjustable tension to ensure that regardless of your shooting position, you have the support you need for accurate, comfortable shooting.

Adjusting Your Sling for Comfort and Efficiency

A key to effective sling use is ensuring it's properly adjusted for your body size and the specific task at hand. An overly tight sling can restrict movement and be uncomfortable, while a too-loose sling can cause the rifle to swing excessively.

Take the time to adjust your sling's length and tension to find the sweet spot where your rifle is secure, but you can still move freely. This might mean different settings for different activities - a tighter adjustment for a stable shooting platform, or a looser one for comfortable carrying over distances.

With SLANGS, adjustments can be made quickly and easily, allowing you to adapt on the fly to whatever challenges you face.

In Summary, mastering the use and adjustment of your AR 15 gun sling can greatly enhance your shooting experience. Whether you prefer the stability of a 2-point sling, the maneuverability of a single-point, or the versatility of our SLANGS, taking the time to properly position, transition, and adjust your sling will pay dividends in comfort, speed, and accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions about AR 15 Gun Slings

When it comes to equipping your AR 15, choosing the right sling is as crucial as selecting the perfect scope. To help you navigate through your options, we've compiled some of the most common questions about AR 15 gun slings. Let's dive in.

What sling is best for AR15?

The 2-point sling is often recommended for its balance between stability and freedom of movement. It allows you to securely carry your rifle while providing quick adjustability for shooting positions. The SLANGS line offers innovative 2-point slings designed for the modern shooter, emphasizing both comfort and functionality.

Should I put a sling on my AR15?

Absolutely. A sling offers numerous benefits, including support for your rifle, easier transition between carrying and shooting positions, and the freedom to use your hands for other tasks without putting down your rifle. It's an essential accessory for anyone serious about using their AR 15 effectively, whether for sport, hunting, or tactical purposes.

What AR sling do Navy Seals use?

Navy SEALs often use the Hybrid Instant Transition Sling for its versatility and quick adjustability. This type of sling combines the best aspects of both 2-point and single-point designs, allowing for rapid transitions in dynamic environments. The design of these slings is focused on providing maximum flexibility and durability under the toughest conditions.

In conclusion, the right AR 15 gun sling can significantly enhance your shooting and carrying experience. Whether you opt for the stability and freedom of movement offered by a 2-point sling, appreciate the benefits of having your rifle always supported and ready, or prefer the versatility of a sling used by elite forces like the Navy SEALs, there's a sling out there that's perfect for your needs. Our new SLANGS product line is designed with these considerations in mind, offering high-quality options for every type of shooter.


Choosing the right AR 15 gun sling is more than just picking a strap to hang your rifle. It's about enhancing your shooting experience, ensuring comfort, and improving your performance whether you're on the range, in the field, or in a tactical situation. The right sling will not only keep your AR 15 secure but also provide the support and versatility needed for quick transitions and steady aiming.

At Ghost 13, we understand the critical role a sling plays in your shooting setup. That's why we're excited to introduce our new product line, SLANGS, which embodies our commitment to quality, functionality, and innovation. Our SLANGS line offers a variety of slings designed to meet the diverse needs of shooters everywhere. Whether you're looking for the durability and reliability of the Vickers Sling™, the versatility of the Hybrid Instant Transition Sling used by Navy SEALs, or the quick disconnect features of SENTRY Slings, our SLANGS collection has something for everyone.

We've taken great care to ensure that each sling in our SLANGS line is crafted from high-quality materials, offering the perfect balance of comfort and functionality. With features like adjustable lengths, quick-detach swivels, and padded straps, our slings are built to enhance your shooting experience, no matter your preference or shooting style.

Choosing the right sling is a personal decision that can significantly impact your shooting experience. We encourage you to explore our SLANGS collection and discover the perfect AR 15 gun sling that meets your needs. Whether you need your rifle always supported and ready, or prefer the versatility of a sling used by elite forces like the Navy SEALs, our SLANGS product line is designed to provide high-quality options for every type of shooter.

The best AR 15 gun sling is the one that fits your specific needs, enhances your shooting experience, and feels like a natural extension of your rifle. Let Ghost 13 be your guide in finding that perfect sling. Explore our SLANGS collection today and take the first step towards a more secure, comfortable, and versatile shooting experience.

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