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Join Or Die Slang

Join Or Die Slang

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Introducing Join or Die Ghost 13 Slang, a tactical marvel that's not just a piece of equipment but a slice of history. This isn't just any bag; it's a tribute to the spirit of resilience and unity that has defined warriors throughout the ages.

The story of our slang begins with the iconic "Join or Die" political cartoon, credited to none other than Benjamin Franklin. It depicted a snake, severed into pieces, symbolizing the importance of colonial unity. We've taken this powerful symbol and transformed it into a battle-ready companion for your gear.

This slang is more than a carrying case; it's a reminder of the tactical teamwork and unyielding spirit that have safeguarded freedoms since the dawn of our nation. As you shoulder the Join or Die Ghost 13 slang, you're not just carrying your equipment; you're shouldering a legacy of unity and determination. It's designed for those who understand that together, we are formidable; divided, we falter. Carry it with pride, carry it with honor, and remember, in unity, there is strength.

• Only 35 ever made. Get yours Now! 
• Designed and Manufactured in the USA
• Part rifle sling, part rifle bag, part rifle case
• Fits a variety of assault rifles (29" x 10")

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