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Skull Slang

Skull Slang

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Introducing the Skull Ghost 13 Rifle Slang – a bold statement in the world of tactical gear, designed for those who confront challenges head-on with fearlessness and resolve. This isn't just a rifle bag; it's a symbol of strength and defiance, embodying the warrior spirit in every thread and stitch.

The centerpiece of this bag is our unmistakable Skull design. More than just a graphic, the skull represents resilience, unyielding courage, and the relentless spirit of the warrior. It's a nod to the tactical operator who knows that in the heat of the mission, it's not just skill that counts, but also the grit and determination to overcome any obstacle.

Crafted with precision and made to endure the toughest conditions, the Skull Rifle Slang is as robust and reliable as the operators who carry it. Its design speaks to those who aren't just participants in the tactical world but who lead the charge, unafraid to face danger head-on and stare it down with a steely gaze.

This slang is more than a carrying case for your rifle; it's a testament to the fierce spirit that defines the tactical community. It's for those who understand that the skull is not a symbol of defeat, but a badge of honor, representing triumph over adversity and the unbreakable will of the soldier.

When you sling the Skull Rifle Slang over your shoulder, you're making a statement: that you're not just equipped for the mission, but you embody the very essence of tenacity and fearlessness. It's a tribute to the warriors of past and present who have faced the abyss and emerged victorious. Carry it with pride, carry it with honor, and let the skull be a reminder of your unyielding resolve in the face of any challenge.

• Only 10 ever made. Get yours Now! 
• Designed and Manufactured in the USA
• Part rifle sling, part rifle bag, part rifle case
• Fits a variety of assault rifles (29" x 10")

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